We can all be on the same page when I say TikTok has become a cultural phenomenon worldwide, and UAE is no exception to that. UAE is a land known for its blend of tradition and modernity and TikTok offers a stage for individuals to showcase their creativity and let their imaginations flourish. It can no longer be called a ‘social media app’. With its short, captivating videos, and most importantly, a platform that caters to anything and everything, it has not only entertained but also connected millions of users across the Emirates.

Not to mention, TikTok has become one of the most powerful platforms for brands to connect with their audience in creative and authentic ways. Brands leverage the platform’s interactive features and viral potential to engage with their target audience on a more personal level.

61% of marketers use TikTok for influencer marketing, according to Hubspot. Through creative challenges, paid influencer partnerships, or product reviews, companies build fun and authentic relationships and boost their visibility within the TikTok community by leveraging the credibility and appeal of the top content creators on TikTok.

But wait, don’t just take my word for it. Look for yourself as to why brands consider TikTok influencer marketing the most powerful tool.

Emirates Airline collaborated with the most famous and most-followed TikTok comedian Khaby Lame with over 162 million followers for an Influencer partnership.

This campaign showcased Khaby parodying common travel problems in a series of humorous videos. The main focus was to increase brand awareness among Gen Z and Millennial audiences and to generate positive sentiment around the brand. The campaign was a massive success and generated over 200 million views and 10 million likes on TikTok. The campaign helped to boost Emirates’ social media engagement and brand awareness.

So, the real credit for TikTok's proliferation in the UAE belongs to its talented UAE-based TikTokers who continuously push the boundaries of creativity and innovation. These top Emirati TikTok influencers, with their unique and engaging content, have gained a fan base and created hype that is hard to ignore.

As we move further into the blog, we will talk about the top TikTok influencers in the UAE who are taking the platform by storm, but before that, we’ll understand who exactly are the Top TikTokers in the UAE.

Who are TikTok Influencers?

TikTok influencers are content creators who have gained massive popularity and influence on the platform through their unique content. UAE Tiktoker creates short-form videos that span across various domains, including comedy, dance, beauty, education, lifestyle, and more.

These most followed TikTokers in UAE are capable of reaching out to massive audiences, leading engagement, shaping trends and ultimately building a community. Let’s see the types of TikTok influencers in Dubai and the different types of content they create.

Types of TikTok Influencers in UAE and the Content They Create

1. Comedy

Comedy TikTok Influencers are known for their skits, jokes, and funny videos on the platform. These famous UAE TikTokers create content that entertains and often goes viral due to its relatable and comedic nature.

2. Dance

Dance TikTok influencers often create and popularize dance challenges that are trending across the platform. The best UAE TikTokers influencers specialize in choreographing and performing dance routines.

3. Food

These most popular TikTokers in UAE for food create content around cooking recipes, food reviews, culinary hacks, dining experiences, and more. They also feature local and international cuisine to appeal to food enthusiasts.

4. Beauty

Beauty TikTokers are the best TikTok influencers in UAE. They mostly focus on makeup tutorials, skincare routines, and beauty hacks. They also provide product reviews and recommendations to their audience.

5. Fashion

These top Emirati TikTok influencers provide content on the latest fashion trends, outfit ideas and styling tips. They also collaborate with clothing brands to promote new collections.

6. Travel

These UAE-Based TikTokers shoot and present their travel experiences, showcasing destinations, cultures, and adventures. They create informative content around travel tips, and reviews of hotels and attractions, and inspire their audience to explore new places.

Types Of TikTok Influencers In UAE And The Content They Create

Below is the well-researched list of TikTok creators created by the best tik tok influencer marketing agency in Dubai.

Top TikTok Influencers in Dubai, UAE

  • 1. Reine Khoury

    Reine Khoury


    The UAE-Based TikToker adds her unique appeal to make her beauty, travel, and lifestyle content connect with her audience. The content creator strategizes her content for a perfect feed that grabs visitors' attention quickly.

    About Aliona

    Rein Khoury is turning up the heat in the Dubai fashion landscape with her amazing styles, created with exciting combinations of dresses, hairstyles, makeup, and accessories. She has collaborated with Dubai’s famous fashion and lifestyle brands. Whether it's Beirut or Dubai, Reine Khoury takes her inspiration from different cities and cultures across the Middle East. Her dynamic Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok communities engage with her posts and blogs.

    The Digital creator's social media content revolves around her personal life, fashion, and travel. As one of the top Emirati TikTok influencers, Reina Khoury enjoys an impressive engagement rate of 6.22% across her social media profiles.

  • 2. Mohammad Hindash

    Mohammad Hindash


    The UAE-based TikToker possesses the best of makeup and cosmetic knowledge. He has answered questions about beauty products' use, benefits, and value-added propositions.

    About Aliona

    Mohammad Hindash is a renowned social media celebrity with a massive Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok following. His popularity spread globally when he started uploading makeup tutorials and product reviews. The famous Emirati Tiktoker also addresses audience queries with frequent Q&A sessions.

    Mohammad Hindash has worked with brands like Charlotte Tilbury, Fenty Beauty, MAC Cosmetic Middle East, Chanel, Makeup Forever, Benefit Middle East, Nars Cosmetics, Addiction Beauty, and Shiseido. The influencer uses short videos to summarize his makeup skills. His content features models of different ethnicities to demonstrate the perfect combination of cosmetic products for specific skin tones and hair.

  • 3. Rawan Dash

    Rawan Dash


    Rawan Dash is a fashion shopper's dream come true, as a content creator saves them time and money. She compares beauty products and has affordable alternatives to acquire the same makeup looks.

    About Aliona

    Rawan Dash is one of the most followed TikTokers in UAE recognised for her impeccable makeup display. Her fame grew quickly as the Diva started sharing her imaginative beauty and fashion ideas through creative social media pictures and videos.

    Rawan Dash has collaborated with brands like Urban Decay Cosmetics, Kiko Milano Arabia, Cosmo Middle East, and YSL Beauty. The UAE-based Tiktoker uses short videos to share her makeup tips, routines, and product suggestions.

  • 4. Soha Taha

    Soha Taha


    Soha Taha brings her innovative ideas to the fashion and beauty niche. Her collection reflects different cultures and brings communities together.

    About Aliona

    Coming up next to claim her spot as one of the best TikTok influencers in UAE is Soha Taha with millions following her across all social media handles. She has attracted a sundry of Fashionistas with her captivating hijab looks which she combines with modern-day outfits, jewelry, and accessories.

    Soha Taha is a Dubai-based fashion influencer who captures hearts with her amazing styles. The famous Emirates TikToker uploads visually pleasing posts with accurate color contrast, backdrops, and props to highlight every detail. Soha has collaborated successfully with numerous fashion and lifestyle brands like Nocturne and Ounass. The Emirati TikToker posts detailed tutorials with branded products. She also plays her part in raising awareness for prevalent social stigmas around dressing and styling.

  • 5. Ghaith Marwan

    Ghaith Marwan


    Ghaith Marwan is an influential personality in the UAE, with a presence in multiple niches. He has worked with content creators and brands from diverse categories.

    About Aliona

    Ghaith Marwan is one of the best TikTok influencers in UAE, and he is known for his cheerful attitude, relatable humor, and funny moments with Sara Alwari. The content creator's many hobbies have created a diverse portfolio of highly engaging creatives, which draws a massive audience daily. He travels the world, engages in adrenaline-pumping activities, collaborates with the best Emirates influencers, meets celebrities, explores new cultures, and more.

    Ghaith Marwan recently collaborated with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence to promote the duo's upcoming movie - Bad Boys: Ride or Die. Ghaith Marwan and other famous UAE TikTokers came up with a unique airline concept - with the caption - we ride together, we fly together for a reel which received 3.4M views, 18.5K likes and 2202 comments in 7 days. The Emirati TikToker has also worked with Yango Play, Huawei Arabia, and Noon.

  • 6. Sara Alwari

    Sara Alwari


    The beauty and fashion content creator makes one half of Sara Alwari and Ghaith Marwan's duo. She has all styles from the 90s to the modern era - carefully documented in her Instagram posts. Sara Alwari does her best to connect different cultures.

    About Aliona

    Sara Alwari is a bonafide beauty icon who leaves a part of her with every one of the million lives she has transformed with her health and beauty tips. One of the top Tiktok influencers in UAE is a certified dietician, Nutritionist, and personal trainer.

    The Diva is breathtaking when she travels, appears at Galas and creator conventions, features alongside Ghaith Marwan in matching outfits, appears at official openings and summits, promotes brands, or provides makeup tutorials.

    The Emirati TikTok represented brands like Aldo Shoes, Noon, and Mercedes. Sara and Ghaith are frequently appearing faces at music festivals and political events where the two Emirati TikTokers feature alongside popular celebrities and national leaders.

  • 7. Shahad Hassan

    Shahad Hassan


    Beauty and fashion influencer Shahad Hassan is known for blending different styles into one. She brings out the hidden potential of every outfit with her imagination.

    About Aliona

    Shahad Hassan is a famous UAE Tiktokers who has taken the world by storm with her uniquely crafted styles that embody different traditions and modern elements. The Dubai-based digital creator has a budding community on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. As a popular fashion and beauty Influencer Dhahad can effectively combine different outfits and cosmetics to produce mesmerizing looks. She specifically excels at hijab-style fashion. Millions are drawn to her videos every day to find new aspirations.

    Shahad Hassan uses short videos for her makeup and fashion tutorials. She provides options for different occasions from elegant style, vacation style, and outfits of the day, to holiday fashion, summer style, beachwear, and more. The Emirati TikToker dresses to impress. She also promotes brands through videos like she did with MOTF clothing where she showcased different clothes from the company’s linen art collection, using fast transitions.

  • 8. Aliona and Yazan

    Aliona and Yazan


    The duo of the best Emirati TikTokers create content around different topics. They have become a go-to source of high-quality knowledge and suggestions.

    About Aliona

    Aliona and Yazan are two of the most famous UAE Tiktokers with a presence across TikTok Instagram, YouTube Snapchat, and Facebook. The duo regularly post content about their daily lives. They are authority figures on grooming, fashion, and beauty. Aliona and Yazan also spend considerable time traveling to new places. You can see them enjoy a romantic evening in Paris, taking a stroll in South Africa, or driving through the forests of Minsk. The Emirati Tiktokers always have something new and exciting for their diverse fanbase.

    Aliona and Yazan have worked with Ralph Lauren, YSL Beauty, Baruni Fashion, Dee Closet, Huawei, and other top-notch enterprise campaigns to raise product awareness and sales. They have been featured in numerous magazines. UAE Tiktoker makes public appearances at exclusive events, flaunting designer outfits, that capture onlookers' gaze.

  • 9. Nora and Khalid

    Nora and Khalid


    The relatable couple from the UAE incorporates different topics into their everyday lifestyle. Hence, the messages from two of the best UAE TikTokers influencers resonate with a broader audience.

    About Aliona

    Khalid Alherani and Nora Achmaoui are two of the most popular TikTokers in UAE who are enchanting everyone with their relatable content around fashion, lifestyle, and travel. The couple reaches out to their Massive community with humor mixed with relatable life moments. Nora and Khalid bring the best of their worlds together to make life-changing content for her audience. Nora Achmaoui is a business Guru, budding author, coach, and speaker who addresses key societal topics while Khalid is a free spirit, creative genius who introduces new concepts through his videos.

    The Famous Emirati TikTokers have worked with Fenty Beauty, Versace, Lacoste, Nissan, Visit Hungary, JW Anderson, and Maisonalaia. The digital creators use TikTok to share funny skits, behind-the-scenes, event sneak peeks, couple fashion, milestone celebrations, etc.

  • 10. Sherin Ammara

    Sherin Ammara


    Sherin Ammara is a Makeup guru. She features different beauty products on her social media profiles with helpful tips on the tutorials.

    About Aliona

    Words cannot do justice to the magnificence of Sherin Amaral as she glides through her followers' social media feeds with unrivaled determination. Sherin Ammara is a Dubai-based makeup artist and content creator with an extensive following across all social media platforms. She creates content around hair care product reviews, skin care hair transformations, hair color, etc. Sherin Ammara lets her imagination take shape through the effective utilization of makeup, outfits and accessories. The video creator moves between places exploring different cultures and adding her unique twist to present new styles to her followers.

    As one of the best TikTok influences in UAE Sherin Ammara attracts attention from friends like L'Oreal Paris, La Roche-Posay, Sephora Middle East, Nyx Cosmetics Arabia, and Max Fashion MENA. Sherin Ammara regularly collaborates with renowned makeup artists in the Middle East. She also partners with various education firms to provide makeup-related knowledge to her followers.

  • 11. Cedra Ammara

    Cedra Ammara


    Cedra Ammara uses videos to cover different fashion and beauty verticals. The popular content creator's luxurious lifestyle draws global onlookers. She is an ideal influencer partner for businesses to get a foothold in the UAE.

    About Aliona

    Beauty and fashion video creator and influencer Cedra Ammara has made a big splash with her style, Grace, personality, and attitude which attracts a Global fanbase. She uses TikTok to create fun and engaging videos around hair care and skin care. The popular Middle Eastern TikToker takes beauty inspiration from every detail she encounters daily. She is trusted by several makeup and cosmetic brands to offer honest opinions about their products.

    Cedra Ammara, uploads hair tutorials, product reviews, behind-the-scenes, first looks, etc on her social profiles. The Dubai-based Tiktoker recreates festive looks for Eid and other occasions. She also flaunts different hair colors and styles, in her videos in combination with mesmerizing outfits and accessories. Garnier Arabia, Sephora Middle East, Maybelline, and many other brands work with Cedra Ammara, on hashtags, giveaways, and unboxing campaigns.

  • 12. Ossy Marwah

    Ossy Marwah


    Ossy Marwah finds himself at the center of all major events happening around the Middle East whether it is F1 or FIFA World Cup. Ossy Marwah has worked with Global movie stars, athletes, and artists. He provides collaboration details to his audience with his humorous narratives.

    About Aliona

    Ossy Marwah is a famous video creator from Dubai with an established claim among the most famous Tiktokers in UAE. Ossy first started uploading content on Instagram and YouTube before adding TikTok Today the viral digital star has an impressive engagement rate on all his social media profiles thanks to his creative posts around fashion, lifestyle, car, and travels.

    The Tiktoker also covers key Global events like the FIFA World Cup 2022. He recently worked with the cast of Bad Boys: Ride or Die and other popular Emirati TikTokers for the movie promotion. Moreover, Ossy Marwah promotes brands like Samsonite UAE and Huawei Arabia but incorporates the brand's products into his unique lifestyle. As one of the best TikTok influencers in UAE, Ossy Marwah has also appeared at the World Government Summit 2024, covering the event.

  • 13. Maha Jaafar

    Maha Jaafar


    As an activist, Maha Jaafer raises their voice for several issues. She has worked with multiple NGOs to reach out to people in need. She appears as a speaker at top conferences and events.

    About Aliona

    Maha Jafar is a Sudanese-Iraqi content creator and social media influencer, residing in Dubai. Her short videos revolve around spreading Social awareness about Real-world issues. Maha Jaafar is an UNICEF brand ambassador. She strives to promote inclusivity and diversity through her activities. Renowned media outlets frequently cover her exploits. She even appears in interviews with influential personalities to give her opinions about different topics. She started by uploading videos on YouTube before eventually taking her efforts to Instagram and Tiktok

    Maha Jaafar’s work through Tiktok has achieved global recognition from millions - including authoritative organizations and individuals - which has successfully positioned her as one of the top Tiktok influencers in the UAE. She is a digital creator defined by her actions to bring positive changes in people's lives. The Emirati content creator urges her followers to become a part of the solution through her social media posting, live interactions, podcasts, etc.

  • 14. Azza Zarour

    Azza Zarour


    Azza Zarour's lifestyle revolves around music. He injects various topics into her everyday activities to reach an audience with authority. The UAE Tiktoker has transformed multiple businesses with word of mouth.

    About Aliona

    Azza Zarour is a Dubai-based lifestyle content creator and singer, who attracts a community of diverse enthusiasts with her content around motherhood, social issues, and fashion. She posts regular content on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, and Snapchat. The content creator summarizes complete answers to vital topics, into short-duration videos that grab the audience's attention, and compelling action - for instance tips for new parents on toddlers. Azza Zarour also uploads sneak peeks of her original soundtracks on TikTok.

    Azza Zarour enjoys one of the highest engagement rates amongst the Top TikTokers in UAE. She follows the latest trends which allows her posts to gain maximum coverage. Azza has worked with Max Mara, Esposa Couture, Yas Pro Media, Huawei, and other well-established businesses on Influencer marketing campaigns.

  • 15. Rand Dalati

    Rand Dalati


    Rand Dalati addresses multiple topics on Instagram. Renowned industry leaders and activists honor her opinions. Rand Dalati is present at exclusive events across the Middle East.

    About Aliona

    Rand Dalati is a famous beauty, fashion, and lifestyle content creator from the UAE with an established background as an author and journalist. She produces content around food, fashion, lifestyle, makeup, and travel. The digital creator has collaborated with brands like She Glam and Huda Beauty.

    Rand Dalati’s fame as one of the top content creators on TikTok is due to her detailed videos. She offers tutorials with step-by-step vocal guidance. Rand Dalati takes content inspiration from kids' shows, popular sitcoms, cultures, movies, and celebrities. She talks about Chinese foods, Japanese snakes, Henna, different countries, and more through her videos. Rand Dalati is one of the first Emirati TikTokers to introduce innovative products. This is why her social media profile attracts diverse people with distinct interests.

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