Unquestionably, in the modern-day Dubai, Instagram has grown into a creative center that provides influencers, companies, and content producers with a global platform to express their interests and ideas with followers.

Instagram is undisputably the front-runner in ideas and content sharing. Posting pictures, reels, and tales on Instagram networks is how they are influencing consumers, behavior, attitudes, and trends.

These digital influencers' impact is becoming even more well-known as 2024 draws nearer than that of some of the biggest superstars.

Who is an Instagram influencer?

An Instagram influencer is someone who uses their large online following to influence trends, preferences, and behaviors through enticing content, much as Dubai enthralls travelers from all over the world with its lively culture and innovation.

The well-known influencers in Dubai differ from others even if there are millions of them globally. Millions of fans apart, these instagram influencers are cultural superstars and trend-setters who enthrall audiences with their original ideas and content.

Dubai as a city and its Instagram influencers are quite similar. Beyond national borders, both have an impact on the world scene. Because Dubai is a business, tourist, and cultural hub that attracts people from all walks of life, influencers have a worldwide following.

Collaborations between brands and top Instagrammers in Dubai are strategically advantageous because of this mutually beneficial relationship. The Instagram influencers in Dubai welcome a wide range of cultures and influences, just like Dubai itself. Their capacity to genuinely interact with a wide range of audiences on a local and international level makes them priceless resources for brands looking to expand their reach and establish deeper connections with customers.

The best Instagram influencers in the United Arab Emirates in 2024 will be covered in the blog; they are the first option of the brand when considering a partnership. We will look into the numerous collaborations these influencers offer, such as sponsored content, product launches, and brand ambassadorships.

Companies have multiple opportunities to take use of Dubai's Instagram influencers. Look no farther than these for collaboration with well-known Instagram influencers in Dubai and to make a long-lasting impression on your brand's online presence.

But first, let’s see the types of Instagrams influencers in UAE.

Types of Instagram Influencers in Dubai According to Their Niches

Instagram influencers in UAE frequently focus on particular areas, which reflects their job experience and personal hobbies. These groups enable companies to choose influencers whose audience is in line with their marketing goals. The typical kinds are:

Fashion and Beauty Influencers:

They rule Instagram with their most recent looks, beauty advice, and cosmetic tutorials, which frequently affects consumers' purchases.

Travel Influencers:

With Dubai being the global hub for travel, these influencers entice followers to explore new locations by posting visually stunning content from lavish resorts, hidden gems, and incredible experiences.

Fitness and Health Influencers:

These influencers push and point their followers in the direction of an active and healthy lifestyle by providing healthy recipes, workout schedules, and wellness guidance.

Food Influencers:

Covering everything from gourmet dining to street food, these influencers impact the restaurants and cuisines that their followers choose.

Lifestyle Influencers:

the all-arounders who, by sharing personal stories, daily activities, and insights into their opulent lifestyles, captivate followers with their realistic and inspirational material.

Types of Instagram Influencers in Dubai According to Their Niches

Types of Instagram Influencers According to Their Followers

Size of following base, which usually determines their reach and the kinds of partnerships they attract, is another way to classify the influence of Instagram personalities in Dubai:


Usually having millions of followers, these influencers are frequently celebrities who can reach a huge audience with a single post.


These account for between 100,000 and a million followers. More engagement rates and a wider reach than mega-influencers are what they provide.


Usually having between 10,000 and 100,000 followers, these influencers have better interaction rates and are viewed by their audience as more real and approachable.


Usually concentrating on a very specialized target, these influencers have less than 10,000 followers. Within their little community, they have a great deal of influence and frequently produce shockingly high engagement rates.

Types of Instagram Influencers According to Their Followers

By understanding these categories, brands can better strategize their marketing efforts to collaborate with the most suitable Instagram influencers in Dubai, ensuring that their message reaches the intended audience effectively.

Now, let’s finally go through the well researched list of Instagram influencers, created by our top influencer marketing agency in Dubai -

List of Top Influencers on Instagram in the Dubai, UAE (2024)

  • Aliona

    1. Aliona


    Her lavish lifestyle captivates audiences on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, inspiring many.

    About Aliona

    Aliona is considered one of the top Instagrammers in the UAE. Aliona is renowned for her natural grace and impeccable sense of fashion and style. She shares glimpses of her luxurious lifestyle in the UAE, from showing off exclusive events to extravagant dining adventures. Whether flaunting her chic daily lifestyle or sharing heartwarming moments with her husband and son. Additionally, Aliona is all set to launch her second brand- Aliona Cosmetics.


    1. As a practitioner of the beautifying art of makeup, Aliona is an Influencer choice for several beauty, fashion, and lifestyle brands. Her profile analytics speak for themselves, with an average engagement rate of 6.29%. She receives an average of 170.3k likes and 633 comments on her Content.

    2. The Dubai-based influencer has delivered results for Charlotte Tilbury and Ralph Lauren through highly successful campaigns.

    3. Aliona’s reels generate an average of 4.3 m views with an engagement rate of 6.77%.

    4. The influencers have performed incredibly well in Dubai, Istanbul, Riyadh, and Paris.

    5. Reels are also Aliona's popular content format, and the one where she takes her followers through her entire makeup routine has generated 18.5M views, 593K likes, and 2786 comments.

    Brands Collaborated with:

    The Instagrammer recently collaborated with brands like Huawei, Honor, Mac Cosmetics, Sephora Middle East, Kvd beauty, Simi Haze Beauty, Kiehl, Baruni fashion, Too Faced and YSL beauty.

  • Asala

    2. Asala


    Asala Malah's Instagram feed is filled with beauty, lifestyle, and travel content that mirrors her lavish way of living and impeccable fashion choices. She connects with her audience due to her content relatability, which makes her an ideal influencer choice for many businesses.

    About Asala

    Asala is one of the famous Instagram Influencers in the Middle East. She is considered a fashion icon amongst her dedicated and loyal community. Asala posts a great deal about her family; she infuses her content with a sense of joy by featuring her husband and children. Recently, she partnered with brands like Hadia Ghaleb, Jif, etc.


    1. Asala Malah has dedicated her Instagram profile to help people know her better. She shares family moments, brand endeavors, travel diaries, fashion expertise, and more through IG reels and pictures, bringing her engagement rate to 10.12%. This is one of the highest ever recorded amongst UAE-based Instagram influencers. With an average of 776.9K likes and 16.4K comments, Asala Malah has a very active community.

    2. IG reels are a successful medium for the influencer, giving her an average of 23.40M views.

    3. She also uses reels to spread social messages. For instance, the one used to raise awareness about the current Israel-Palestine situation has generated 54.6 Million views, 1.5 Million likes, and 85.5 Million comments.

    Brands Collaborated with:

    Laloge, Noon and Balmain.

  • Leen AbouShaar

    3. Leen AbouShaar


    In addition to being one of the top influencers in the UAE, Leen is also a journalist and presenter at MBC1, which showcases her vibrant personality.

    About Leen AbouShaar

    Amongst a few, Leen AbouShaar is the highest-paid Instagram Influencer in the UAE. Leen is a lifestyle and beauty influencer whose Instagram is flourishing with creativity. She is known for sharing beauty advice, reviewing products, and sharing lifestyle tips that connect with many people. Some giant brands she recently collaborated with by making creative and innovative content are MOTF, Shoptemu, Huawei, and Land Rover.


    1. Leen AbouShaar's vibrant personality, frequent media appearances, and frequent interactions with famous personalities in Dubai attract worldwide attention. Furthermore, she covers topics like fashion, luxury, travel, and humor on her Instagram handle. The diversity in her content brings thousands to her profile every day, effectively bringing her engagement rate to 2.16%. Her pictures and videos receive 34.1k likes and 260 comments on average.

    2. Leen AbouShaar optimizes her post with relevant hashtags, locations, and brand mentions to reach more audiences.

    3. The Dubai-based Instagram influencer's reels generate 1.5M views, taking her engagement rate from the format to 2.93%.

    4. Leen AbouShaar created an IG reel where she compiled information about different stages of her pregnancy. This is one of her most popular content, reaching 9M views, 321K likes, and 1032 comments.

    Brands Collaborated with:

    Al pro, Jeep, Tumi, Ounass, Aida Beauty and Queen Couture.

  • judie

    4. Judie


    Judie introduces new concepts into her beauty content, which appeals to a diverse audience segments.

    About Judie

    Judie, one of the top influencers in the UAE, creates content around travel, beauty, and fashion. Her genuine and approachable demeanor sets her apart and fosters a deep connection with her audience. Whether she's sharing her latest fashion finds, beauty secrets, or breathtaking travel adventures, she adds a unique perspective and storytelling. With each post, she effortlessly exudes confidence and sophistication, inspiring her audience to embrace their unique style and making her one of the top Emirati influencers.


    1. Judie’s makeup hacks, reviews and tutorials, coupled with her love for travel have created several high quality posts that bring an engagement rate of 6.71% to the beauty influencers Instagram profile - with average 32.7K likes and 234 comments.

    2. The video creator uploads at least 12 reels every week. Her delivery, storytelling, backdrops, props and filters, can take her the maximum view count from Reels to 3.42M (at 6.74% engagement rate).

    Brands worked with:

    Jergens, Layala, SheGlam, Flake Arabia, Mellys Chocolate and Maybelline.

  • Rozzah

    5. Rozzah


    Rozzah excites her community with interactive fashion, lifestyle, and fitness posts. She perfectly embodies the lively and energetic lifestyle of the UAE, captivating her followers with her enthusiasm and dedication.

    About Rozzah

    Rozzah is one of the best Instagram influencers in Dubai, UAE, and is recognized for her contributions to the beauty, fashion, and lifestyle industries. Her GRWM, beauty tips, clothing fits, and Nail fashion videos stand out because of her greater attention to detail and knowledge factor. While Roozah is active as one of the top UAE Instagram Influencers, she also reserves time for YouTube and Snapchat, thus expanding her reach into multiple platforms. Some of the top giants she has recently collaborated with are Huawei, Domino’s, and Aldo Shoes.


    1. Rozzah uses popular trends to their advantage. She is always smiling, and her minimalistic fashion hacks in creating mesmerizing looks have effectively taken her engagement rate to 5.56%. She receives an average of 241K likes and 1.4K comments.

    2. The famous digital creator uses unique hashtags to index her content, which helps her audience find it faster.

    3. The Dubai based Instagram Influencer has uploaded several reels over the years, averaging at 4.7M views. Rozzah enjoys a substantial engagement rate of 4.5% on her IG reels.

    Brands Collaborated with:

    CHATS by C.Dam, Vaseline, Schwarzkopf, 21st Century, Maybelline, L'Oreal, Lucerin, Garnier, Derma Co and SheGlam.

  • Saba

    6. Saba


    Saba Shamaa's influence is spread across Amman and Dubai. As one of the best Instagram influencers in Dubai UAE, her milestones have made the covers of magazines like Forbes.

    About Saba

    Saba’s Instagram presence isn’t just about glamor and luxury; it’s a genuine reflection of her life, filled with traveling adventures, day-to-day life, and wholesome moments. As one of the top Dubai Instagram Influencers, Saba celebrates the beauty of ordinary experiences, inviting her loyal followers to join her on a journey of discovery and joy. Saba’s authenticity comes through every post, making her audience draw closer to her and foster strong connections.


    1. Saba Shamaa shares authentic experiences when she does her makeup, plays FIFA, goes on many adventures, or promotes brands. This earns her the loyalty of a dedicated community that engages with her posts, bringing her engagement rate to 7.02%, with an average of 263K likes and 1.8K comments.

    2. IG reels work exceptionally well for the Dubai-based Instagram influencer, as the medium's length allows her to experiment with different colors, ambiance, Trends, music, and props, creating a wholesome experience for her followers. Saba Shamaa receives an engagement rate of 4.74% on her IG reels, with an average of 6.3M views.

    Brands Collaborated with:

    Urban Decay, Umniah, Laila Batirova Makeup, Cat Jungle, Versace, Farm Fresh, Marc Jacobs, Home of Switz, Benefit Cosmetics and Honor.

  • Eya Fattouh

    7. Eya Fattouh


    Eya Fattouh doesn’t simply showcase stunning visuals and pictures; she also shares valuable tips and advice, encouraging her followers to apply these to their style and lifestyle. Moreover, she is also a famous TV personality and has been featured in interviews.

    About Eya Fattouh

    Eya Fattouh is known on Instagram for her fantastic fashion sense and lifestyle posts. She is among the top Dubai Influencers, famous for her bold and stylish outfits that inspire her dedicated followers. Her extensive list of brand partners includes Cider, Middle East, Valentina Makeup, and Voga Closet. She offers the best self-care tips on Instagram. The influencer can generate mesmerizing looks with minimalistic styling.


    1. Eya Fattouh always does something unique and creative, which highlights her originality. Her posts are a blend of style and serenity. The plethora of different looks created with varying hairstyles, outfits, designs, and fashion and content diversity brings an engagement rate of 18.5% to Eya Fattouh’s IG handle, with an average of 379.1K likes and 950 comments. She can take her audience through many emotions as they browse her content.

    2. IG reels Bring an engagement rate of 5.7%, averaging 7.2M views.

    3. EyaFattouhs created a reel, rocking a white dress in A necklace while singing to a famous Arabic song as generated. This reel generated 7.5M views, 525K likes, and 2,248 comments.

    Brands Collaborated with:

    Snapchat, Voga Closet, Elemis, Neutrogena, Sephora, Nudestix, Benefit Cosmetics, The ordinary, Kiehl's, Vichy Laboratories and Eucerin

  • Rawan & Rayan

    8. Rawan & Rayan


    The twin bond adds an extra layer of fascination to their posts, making it unique when they endorse a brand together.

    About Rawan and Rayan

    Rawan and Rayan are the top Dubai Instagrammers, the captivating twin influencers who have mesmerized audiences with their coordinated content, showcasing their joint adventures in fashion, beauty, and travel. They share their adventures through artistic snapshots and videos. Rawan and Ryan's success stories worldwide have gotten the attention of top businesses who work with them regularly. They recently collaborated with some brands: Honor, Shop Temu, Huawei, Dior, Lancome, Riva, Cider Middle East, and more. This makes them one of the best Influencers on Instagram in UAE.


    1. Two of the top Instagram influencers in Dubai, UAE, flaunt an impressive engagement rate of 3.38% with an average of 11.2k likes and 2.2 comments. The secret to Rawan and Rayan's impressive Instagram performance is the duo's ability to mix information with popular trends to reach the right audience.

    2. Rawan and Rayan favor videos over other mediums and for good reasons. Reels have generated 14.7M views, averaging 3.8M, comfortably bringing an engagement rate of 3.82%.

    3. Rawan and Rayan collaborated with Raghad, a fellow top Instagram Influencer. The trio recreated the “who laughed first” trend. The post went viral immediately, attracting 14.7M views, 457 K likes, and 4501 comments.

    Brands Collaborated with:

    Red Bull gaming, Cider, Ajmal perfumes, Nyx cosmetics, Dior beauty, Lancome, Huawei and 3ACaftan

  • Shahad Hassan

    9. Shahad Hassan


    Her Instagram feed showcases her talent for blending traditional elements and the UAE culture with modern trends, providing her followers a fresh and distinctive take on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

    About Shahad Hassan

    Shahad Hassan is among the top Instagram influencers in the UAE. She brings the traditional and modern world together to present a distinct fashion Outlook, which has earned her the admiration of millions. Although the diva is one of the top Instagrammers in Dubai, she has her presence on all platforms. The long list of industry giants that actively leverage her vast consumer influence includes Huawei, Lenskart, Sheglam, MOTF, and Shein.


    1. Instagram is Shahad Haasan’s front for her lifestyle, which includes Arabic fashion, family moments, styling tips, storytelling, and much more. Her partnerships with Lenskart and Azyaee Fashion have increased her popularity amongst top businesses. See attracts audience attention worldwide, which has put her Instagram engagement rate at 1.88% with an average of 40.1K likes and 301 comments.

    2. IG reels are Shahad's perfect medium when she wants to show her different outfit options, address audience queries, or produce tutorials. The video medium generates an average of 1.8M views.

    3. Shahad Hassan's IG reels, produced in collaboration with Malabar Gold for Mother's Day, brought 6.3M views, 178K likes, and 390 comments. It was a wildly successful campaign for Malabar, with high brand awareness and inquiries.

    Brands Collaborated with:

    Nyx cosmetics Arabia, Kylie Cosmetics, Cider, Parachute, Pixi, MAC Cosmetics, Elizabeth Arden and SheGlam.

  • Qamar Altaey

    10. Qamar Altaey


    Qamar Altaey’s unique storytelling in product promotions compels the audience to stay engaged and explore further. Her profile boasts diverse content, from glamorous fashion shots to breathtaking travel scenes, showcasing her versatility and artistic vision.

    About Qamar Altaey

    Qamar Altaey is one of the famous Instagram influencers in Dubai. Her Instagram is a visual masterpiece, showcasing her lifestyle, fashion, and art like a captivating trailer, enticing people to know more and generating curiosity amongst the audience to stick around. Qamar Altaey's Instagram feed comprises fashionable outfits, traditional wear, snippets of personal milestone achievements, and food experiences. She also posts travel content from her adventures across countries like UAE, Turkey, Iraq, Qatar, etc.


    1. The charming and elegant nature of Qamar Altaey’s audience approach adds to her popularity. Her content has the potential to go viral overnight. The Instagram influencer posts new snapshots and videos regularly, successfully bringing her engagement rate to 5.57%. Her posts receive an average of 230.9K likes and 16K comments.

    2. IG Reels are Qamar Altaey’s most popular content format. They generate an engagement rate of 4.05% and an average of 6.2M views.

    3. Qamar Altaey’s reel, in which she flaunts a gorgeous green dress, is her most popular reel to date, with 11.1M views, 406K likes, and 21.3K comments.

    Brands Collaborated with:

    SheGlam, V hotel Dubai and Saint Laurent.

  • Aya Faisal

    11. Aya Faisal


    Aya shares her skincare and hair routines, providing valuable insights and tips to her followers. She encourages the audience to achieve their desired look with confidence and ease.

    About Aya Faisal

    Aya Faisal, one of the top Middle Eastern influencers, is famous for her fashion, travel, and beauty content on Instagram. The influencers' brand partners are drawn to her attention to detail and passion for providing authentic information to their audience. Aya was recently invited to a Hermes private dinner party. Her influence and recognition within the fashion industry are proliferating with time. Her recent brand collaborations include Dyson, Guerlain, Lancome, etc.


    1. The diva turns heads whenever she flaunts a chic, glamorous outfit, mesmerizing in formal attire or a gorgeous gown. The overwhelming support she receives has effectively scaled her Instagram engagement rate to 1.26%. Her post received an average of 1000 likes and 60 comments.

    2. IG reels bring substantial interaction to Aya Faisals' Instagram handle, with a 2.34% engagement rate. The reel, in which she showcased a white Abaya from Kamin, has grossed 37K views, 2000 likes, and 186 comments.

    Brands Collaborated with:

    Hermes, Dyson Hair, Lancome, Kiehl's, Mac Cosmetics Middle East, Huda beauty, Urban Decay, IT cosmetics, Too Faced, Drunk Elephant, Charlotte Tilbury Arabia, Fenty beauty, Jacquemus, H&M and Saint Laurent

  • yara-aziz

    12. Yara Aziz


    Yara Aziz’s Instagram presence showcases her elegant style, luxury lifestyle, and impeccable taste, making her one of the best influencers in Dubai.

    About Yara Aziz

    Yara is one of the influencers who participated in the famous Pantene Influencer marketing campaign, which was executed in partnership with Grynow, one of the best influencer marketing agencies in the Middle East. Some of Yara’s other brand endorsements are Sephora, Shu Uemura, Bourjois, and Splash Fashions. The diva uses different methods to interact with her followers, including relatable humor.


    1. Yara Aziz uploads new content every day. Her curated content reflects meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to showcasing the finer things in life. As a result, she flaunts an engagement rate of 3.97%, receiving an average of 73.7K likes and 1K comments.

    2. With an average of 2.66M views and a 2.24% engagement rate, IG reels are the influencer's favorite mode of audience communication. She creates fun and informative tutorials on hair styling, protection, and nourishment tips.

    Brands Collaborated with:

    Samsung Gulf, Bourjois Middle East, Baruni, Talabat UAE, Sephora Middle East, Shu Uemura, Turkish Airlines Arabia, Urban Decay, Splash Fashion, Mall of the Emirates, Pantene Arabia and Cetaphil.

  • Rand Dalati

    13. Rand Dalati


    Rand Dalati’s inclusive approach to content creation mirrors the multicultural essence of the UAE. She is dominantly active in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

    About Rand Dalati

    Rand Dalati captivates her audience with colorful posts documenting her journey. In addition to her reputation as one of the Top Instagram Influencers in Dubai, Rand is also a writer, Journalist, and YouTuber. She recently endorsed Kylie Cosmetics, Cider Middle East, and Sheglam.


    1. Rand Dalati volunteers to showcase the effects of various makeup, skincare, haircare, and fashion products through her Instagram content. She capitalizes on new concepts to deliver the message to her followers, which has resulted in the enjoy and engagement right of 1.36%.

    2. Rand Dalati’s IG reels generate an average of 4.08% views with an average engagement rate of 3.89%.

    3. The influencer's IG reel, in which she discusses the best makeup trends and hacks, is the most popular, with 2.8M views, 76.8k likes, and 210 comments.

    Brands Collaborated with:

    SheGlam, Jergens, Makeup my trip UAE, Max Fashion MENA, Coach and SHEIN.

  • Sarah Malas

    14. Sarah Malas


    Sarah Malas is a presenter on Abu Dhabi TV, showing her versatility and talent beyond social media.

    About Sarah Malas

    Sarah's dedication to spreading positivity and motivation on her platform has made her a role model for those looking for inspiration in various aspects of their lives. Sarah’s travel content goes far beyond the borders of the UAE, as she travels to destinations like Maldives, France, Switzerland, Italy, etc.


    1. The features of different places, people, colors, and backdrops, with variations in relative outfits and accessories, are the hallmarks of the influencers. She has uploaded 1000+ Instagram posts, comfortably amassing 4.3% engagement, averaging 71.3K likes and 647 comments.

    2. Sarah Malas is an avid traveler. Her posts consist of tags for different locations, including places in Mexico, the USA, Turkey, the UAE, and Mexico.

    3. Sarah's reel with Zaid Aboushaar and other Instagrammers received 4.7M views, 157K likes, and 678 comments.

    Brands Collaborated with:

    YSL beauty and Samsung Gulf.

  • Maram Al Dahabi

    15. Maram Al Dahabi


    Maran skillfully balances luxury and relatability, making her content aspirational and approachable.

    About Maram Al Dahabi

    Maram is one of the most famous Instagram Influencers in the UAE. Her fantastic style and lavish life inspire people who dream of enjoying the luxury of the UAE. In addition to her glamorous posts, she also creates fun content with her husband, keeping her audience entertained and engaged. Some top brands she has recently worked with are XNARA, AI Ain Farms, and West Elm.


    1. Maram Al Dahabi presents a cocktail of tradition and popular culture in her display of several fashionable outfits. She experiments with different content formats, which have effectively brought her overall engagement rate to 4.52%. With an average of 25.4K likes and 93 comments, Maram Al Dahabi has one of the most active fan bases in the Middle East.

    2.The fashionista's reels have generated 4.7M views with an engagement rate of 2.7%.

    Brands Collaborated with:

    Kiko Milano, SheGlam, DESIGNER-24 UAE, Al Ain Farms and Nara


UAE has a vibrant and diverse community of Instagram influencers who captivate audiences with unique styles, luxurious lifestyles, and engaging content. From fashion enthusiasts to travel adventurers, these influencers offer diverse content and unique perspectives from fashion enthusiasts to travel adventurers. Some are famous for their forward-thinking, while others are famous for blending the culture of the UAE with modern trends. These top 15 influencers are a diverse mix of such content, incorporating the vibrancy, luxury, and innovation that justifies Dubai's culture.

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