In a city where the hustle is as real as the heat, and where the skyline competes with the stars, there lies a different kind of battleground. This one's less about concrete and more about clicks, less about towers and more about subscribers. Welcome to the underbelly of Dubai—a place where the top YouTubers lock horns, not over land, but over bandwidth, in a quest to capture hearts, minds, and perhaps a bit of humor along the way.

Venture deeper, and you'll find the biggest YouTubers in the Middle East, the architects of an empire built not of stone, but of stories. These are the creators who command armies not with swords, but with subscribers, leading legions of fans through the digital dunes on journeys of discovery, laughter, and awe.

So, as we, the top influencer marketing agency in Dubai, prepare to embark on this expedition to uncover the best channels on YouTube in UAE, let us cast aside our maps and compasses. In this realm, curiosity is our guide, and imagination our only limit. Together, we'll uncover the mystique of the top YouTubers in Dubai, UAE, in 2024—a journey not just through a city but through the heart of creativity itself. Here, every click is a discovery, and every subscriber is a new friend on this unparalleled adventure.

And as we move through the realms of YouTube in Dubai, each channel unfolds as a chapter in a grander narrative, so let’s explore some of the very happening YouTube channels in Dubai, UAE!

Types of YouTube Channels in Dubai, UAE

Travel Vlogs:

Explore hidden gems and bustling markets, capturing the essence of Dubai’s diverse locales.

Culinary Channels:

Dive into a world of flavors where traditional spices meet modern culinary techniques.

Tech Reviews:

Unbox and review the latest gadgets, providing insights and recommendations.

Lifestyle Influencers:

Offer tips on fashion, wellness, and home decor, resonating with a global audience.

Comedy and Entertainment:

Deliver laughs and light-hearted content, showcasing the humor found in everyday life.

Educational Content:

Inform and enlighten with tutorials and discussions on a range of topics from history to science.

Fitness Channels:

Guide viewers through workouts and health tips tailored to thriving in an urban environment.

Business and Finance:

Decode the complexities of markets and investment strategies, tailored to the entrepreneurial spirit of the city.

Art and DIY Projects:

Inspire creativity with projects and techniques that viewers can try at home.

Gaming and Esports:

Engage the gaming community with playthroughs, reviews, and competitive gaming events.

List of the Top 10 YouTubers in Middle East 2024

  • 1. Joe HaTab

    Joe HaTab


    Documentary filmmaker Joe HaTab explores the world, where he encounters unique civilizations, breathtaking sights, and new cultures. He creatively documents his experiences behind his camera and narrates them to the video with cinematic brilliance.

    About Joe HaTab

    Joe HaTab documents many things on his YouTube channel, like the banana plantation in the Philippines, the mesmerizing metropolitan city architecture, Beautiful Maldivian beaches, and much more. The popular YouTuber from Dubai, UAE, gives an insider look at many cultures, for instance, the lifestyle documentary of the Hyena Men in Nigeria or the face-changing Indonesian family.

    The UAE YouTuber's videos easily gross millions of views within days of uploading. Notable brands like Samsung, Facebook, and Sony have continued working with Joe HaTab over several social media campaigns to reach visually appealing audiences.


    1. Joe HaTab's videos on history and critical socio-economic events are viral. For instance, his trending videos address women in Mauritania and gypsy marriage season in Bulgaria.

    2. The Dubai-based YouTuber’s video documenting the market for divorced women is 9 minutes and 39 seconds long. It has an average of 47.5K views per Hour and has accumulated 7M views to date.

    3. Joe HaTab's latest video about his travels to Greenland generated 1.3M views in 5 days or 3.4K views per hour.

    Brands worked with

    Esquire Saudi, Ritz Carlton, Honorary etc.

  • 2. Musa Tanveer

    Musa Tanveer


    Musa Tanveer is a YouTube sensation with one of the highest engagement rates in the United Arab Emirates. He produces content on diverse topics, from motivation to personal stories, which draws worldwide attention.

    About Musa Tanveer

    Young Musa Tanveer has become a YouTube sensation in the United Arab Emirates because of his charm and personality. He is a born entertainer who draws worldwide attention for his comedy skits, motivational videos, parodies, and whimsical humor.

    Musa Tanveer utilizes every video format on YouTube to promote motivational, inspirational, and funny content. He does podcasts to narrate his stories and short videos for skits.


    1. Musa Tanveer is a very active content creator who uploads at least 27 videos monthly.

    2. Over 200,000 visitors have subscribed to the YouTube channel in the last 30 days. The consistency in Musa Tanveer’s content attracts almost 171,128,453 views every month.

    3. Musa Tanveer excels at storytelling. His latest video, “Teen Behan Bhai,” generated 24.4K within an hour. His highest-performing video has 82M views to date, with 778 views per Hour.

    Brands Worked With

    Nuego, Junior Couture, and My Little Thieves.

  • 3. Hussein Al Jassmi

    Hussein Al Jassmi


    As an influential figure in the United Arab Emirates, Hussein Al Jassmi addresses Renowned world forums, exclusive events, and universities. He participates in humanitarian activities and plays a central role in cultural exchanges and has received the highest honors at academic and professional levels.

    About Hussein Al Jassmi

    Hussein Al Jassmi is a crucial diplomatic figure on renowned national and international platforms and among the top Emirati YouTubers because of his efforts to enrich and promote his culture to the world. He has overtaken the music and entertainment industry by breaking all records.

    Several brands like Pepsi want Hussain Al Jassmi as their ambassador because of his reliability, which attracts the audience's attention.

    For all his efforts in revolutionizing the United Arab Emirates landscape and serving people, the YouTuber has been honored with the highest accolades, including recognition from Arabic leaders. He has made the front covers of Arabic business magazines for multiple years as an influential Arab Influencer.


    1. Hussain Al Jassmi is a key figure in the UAE; hence, his channel is a place billions visit every day.

    2. The Musician uploads at least eight videos every month.

    3. Hussain Al Jassmi receives an average of 102 million views on his YouTube channel.

    4. The artist's latest music video, “Delirium of Numbers,” received 89K views, 1.8K likes, and 178 comments within a week of its upload.

    5. The YouTuber witnessed a spike in 47.6M views and 40K subscribers in one month.

    Brands Worked With

    Rove, Ad Zone, Pepsi.

  • 4. Noor Naims

    Noor Naims


    Noor Star creates compelling narratives in story format, which makes the Dubai-based YouTuber's videos relatable.

    About Noor Naims

    Noor Naims, aka Noor Stars, is a famous YouTuber from the United Arab Emirates who creates content related to fashion and lifestyle. She is known for her value-added, easy-to-understand content about makeup routines, hair styling, outfit selection, and accessorization.

    Beauty trends from around the world inspire Noor Stars. She provides step-by-step tutorials, from product selection to final results, to give her audience complete practical guidance.

    Noor Naims talks about her milestones as a content creator, shares funny clips, presents her travel stories, and more. She has also uploaded multiple series about key lifestyle topics.


    1. The Emirates youtuber creates videos on multiple topics, which has given her a dedicated community that increases her engagement rate.

    2. Noor Naims YouTube video on her house tour generated 830K+ views within a month, with 380.2 views per hour.

    3. The YouTuber uploads five videos every month. Her viewership has spiked 25%, with 16M views.

    Brands Worked With

    Loewe, Sephora, Jergen, Anesthesia Lenses, and Urban Decay.

  • 5. Supercar Blondie

    Supercar Blondie


    In addition to surrounding herself with the most exclusive automobiles, Alexandra Mary Hitachi also visits movie sets to review popular cars like Dominic Toretto's 1970 Dodge Charger, the DMC DeLorean from Back to the Future, and the Real-life Batmobile.

    About Supercar Blondie

    Australian Alexandra Mary Hitachi, also known as Supercar Blondie, is one of the most famous Moto vloggers and YouTube content creators in the United Arab Emirates. As her nickname suggests, Alexandra is passionate about fast, four-wheeled engineering wonders. Her creative display of her sports car enthusiasm has earned the Aussie Dive her dedicated YouTube community.

    First-time visitors to Supercar Blondie's channel witness content diversity. Alexandra goes on moto adventures, showcases top sports car rankings, provides car reviews, showcases custom cars, goes to the garage, explains the comprehensive sports car engineering, unveils future car concepts, and much more.


    1. Supercar Blondie recently reviewed the world's most expensive Lamborghini - The Veneno Roadster. The video generated 109k views at 452 views per hour and 4.3K likes. The YouTuber's content brings an average of 5.8M views to her channel.

    2. The YouTuber's most popular video about the world's coolest concept car, the Mercedes AVTR, has generated 58M views at 293 views per hour.

    3. Alexandra Mary Hitachi's channel has accumulated 302.3M views in the last 30 days, adding 500K subscribers to her community at the same time.

    4. The YouTuber is very consistent, as Evidenced by the fact that she uploads at least 37 videos monthly.

    Brands Worked With

    Tesla Motors, Sbx Cars, and The Autonomous Racing League.

  • 6. Anas El Shayib

    Anas El Shayib


    Anas El Shayib creates content for people across the Middle East. He collaborates with Famous National and international influencers on branded content that receives extended market reach.

    About Anas El Shayib

    Anas El Shayib is a popular public figure in Dubai, UAE, with an impressive reputation for sharing his lifestyle, which includes family moments, travel, sports, public appearances, celebrity collaborations, and more. Several luxury and fashion brands have worked with Anas El Shayib on influencer marketing campaigns.

    Anas El Shayib undertakes activities like skydiving and paragliding. The majority of the Dubai-based YouTuber's content appeals to the younger demographic. He is active on YouTube, uploading family challenges, travel vlogs, pranks, and funny skits inspired by popular culture. Over the years, his reach has extended to far corners of the Middle East, bringing more daily engagement to his videos.


    1. Anas El Shayib's reputation in the entertainment and music industry is reflected in his impressive YouTube interaction. His content has generated an average of 8.7M views.

    2. The YouTuber uploads at least two videos per month.

    3. Anas El Shayib’s proposal to Besan and her reaction generated 16M views (117 views per hour). It is the YouTuber's most popular video, enjoying 6.6x more engagement than any other video on his channel.

    Brands Worked With

    DropKick, DIOR, and Abadia.

  • 7. Besan Ismail

    Besan Ismail


    Bessan Ismail has performed in packed venues across Europe and the Middle East. The Syrian artist is also known for posting fun challenges, pranks, and acting sketches on YouTube.

    About Anas El Shayib

    Syrian-born singer Besan Ismail is one of the top YouTubers in the UAE. She captivated the Arabic world with her nightingale voice and put her audience at peace with her magical and soulful lyrics. Her humble personality and ability to connect with people have attracted millions of subscribers to her YouTube channel.

    The YouTuber shares valuable personal moments with her audience. As a singer, she offers her music during Ramadan. Besan Ismail also posts snippets from her live performances. She adores her audience and interacts with them during interviews or Q&A sessions. Having Besan Ismail as an ambassador can help any brand create emotional connectivity with its target audience.


    1. Bessan Ismail attracts a worldwide fan following. She uploads at least two videos monthly, and her content generates an average daily view of 1.1 M.

    2. On average, the famous Dubai-based YouTuber gets 3,334 new subscribers to her channel daily.

    3. The video “strongest swimming challenge in the box” with 14M is the Youtuber's most popular video, with 12x more engagement than any other video.

    4. Bessan Ismail’s latest video on jealousy pranks on her fiance generated 2.1M views.

    Brands Worked With

    DIOR and Sephora.

  • 8. Rawan and Rayan

    Rawan and Rayan


    Rawan and Rayan have dedicated their YouTube channels to songs, movie reviews, challenges, travel vlogs, makeup tips, pranks, games, and more. They connect different cultures and people by embracing different fashions and traveling to unique places.

    About Rawan and Rayan

    The Jordanian sister duo of Rawan and Rayan have grown to be two of the most successful YouTubers in Dubai, UAE, with a dominant presence across social media channels. The two sisters have each other's backs. They entertain their followers through various activities they undertake together.

    The sister showcases the best of the countries they travel to. They often sport matching outfits and looks. The success of the Dubai YouTubers over the years has attracted sponsorships from Renowned makeup brands. They always work hard to give their audience something new and exciting to watch.


    1. Rawan and Rayan share impeccable chemistry displayed through the 800 + YouTube videos.

    2. The YouTuber has a very successful YouTube channel with 3.33B views and counting.

    3. The duo recently uploaded a video covering their birthday gift opening session, which received 609K views and 1.89K likes.

    4. Rawan and Rayan’s channel received 3.6M more views to their channel in the last 30 days, which is a 15% hike.

    5. Rawan and Rayan’s highest-performing video has 54M views.

    Brands Worked With

    Dior, Honor, Lancome, Nyx Cosmetics, Cider, Ajmal Perfumes, and 3ACaftan.

  • 9. Omar AbdelKafi

    Omar AbdelKafi


    Omar AbdelKafi hosts popular TV shows and appears in interviews. People tune to him for his opinions about critical issues in the world.

    About Omar AbdelKafi

    His Excellency, Dr Omar AbdelKafi, has dedicated his YouTube channel to discussing his religion and culture. His channel visitors witness Ramadan stories, sermons, prayers, and more in the UAE YouTuber's voice. Dr. Omar AbdelKafi is full of wisdom. He interprets different verses of the Holy Quran to help his audience understand the beauty of his religion.

    Dr. Omar AbdelKafi has spent much of his time addressing the masses. He interacts with his subscribers to answer their queries.


    Omar AbdelKafi runs a music channel. He has uploaded more than 450 videos, which have generated 179K views to date.

    Brands Worked With

    ICCI (Islamic Culture Center of Ireland).

  • 10. Siamand & Shahad

    Siamand & Shahad


    The couple can also turn simple, relatable moments into engagement starters with their humor. The couple optimizes their videos for more audience coverage.

    About Siamand & Shahad

    The husband and wife duo of Siamand Mustafa and Shahad Hassan is sweeping over social media with their challenges, travel diaries, pranks, and relationship advice. Together, two of the top Youtubers in Dubai, UAE, have established a strong presence across YouTube and Instagram.

    Siamand and Shahad have uploaded 300 videos since September 2018. They present innovative content concepts to attract global attention, such as using a hidden camera to capture family moments, document milestone accomplishments, and plan surprises.


    1. The eleven minutes twenty-seven seconds video translating the “strongest war challenge between YouTubers” is Siamand and Shahad’s recent video with 659.1K views

    2. The YouTuber's most famous video on marital prank received 37K views and 72.7K likes, with a 24x higher engagement rate than all other videos.

    3. The top YouTubers in Dubai, UAE, run successful channels that receive an average of 659K views, 584 comments, and 31.4K likes.

    Brands Worked With

    Lenskart. Elizabeth Arden, Azyaee Fashion and SHEIN


As a land of traditions, culinary delights, technological wonders, entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, and much more, the UAE has produced some of the world's best content creators. The top YouTubers in Dubai, UAE listed here, remain vital marketing assets for businesses. With their in-depth cultural understanding and unparalleled creativity, the subject matter experts attract niche buyers with compelling brand narratives.

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